Offline Poems

‘Irkutsk’ in St. Petersburg Review

‘Ceremony’ in The Florida Review

‘Valentine’ in Ellipsis

‘Voyager‘ in 45th Parallel

‘Chamonix’ in Iron Horse Literary Review

‘Trent & Mersey’ in Notre Dame Review

‘Elegy for the Pencil’ in Wisconsin Review

‘Neuroanatomy’ in The Hippocrates Prize Anthology 2014

‘Captain Finds Work,’ ‘The Instinctual Turbulence of the Man Beneath the Man,’ ‘Happy Hour,’ and ‘What Would Captain Do?’ in Burntdistrict

‘Stories that start with something that happened and end with who I really am’ in Sonora Review

‘Argentina’ in Fjords Review

‘All Stories are Love Stories’ in Eleven Eleven

‘Arriving in Sarajevo’ in Natural Bridge

‘Things We Think Just Before the End’ in Fractal

‘Research’ and ‘Neuroanatomy Practical’ in  Moon City Review

‘Bodies’ in New Madrid Review

‘Smoking with a Girl’ in Southernmost Point Guest House

‘I’ve Searched the Whole World’ and ‘A Shave in Tirana’ in Obsessed with Pipework

‘Imagine a Roadtrip’ and ‘Storm Away, Waterfall’ in Envoi

‘My Father Laid Bricks’ in The Interpreter’s House

‘Holes’ in Fourteen

‘The Infidelity of Hammocks’ in Anon