Lake Effect

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“Tim Craven’s spirituality is physical, anatomical [bone, blood, lymph, the pineal gland]. To read him is to feel the weight of the body, its thereness and its imminent vanishing. Even his shadows are heavy. The rituals of traveling or doing nightshift work are prayers, a reckoning of the damages and an “embrace of the absence”. I find in these poems an energy and a vehemence that gives off the light and heat we need in dark, cold places. And they are made with an exactitude and grace. An impressive entrance.” – Bruce Smith

“From the lyrical and questing ‘Neuroanatomy practical’ to the rollicking, plangent ‘Moby Dick’, this pamphlet combines speculative energy with vivid concreteness. This debut from Craven is ‘as perfect / as a racehorse or a fresh layer of frost.’” – Jane McKie

“This chapbook is a triumph of understated wonder. The speakers range from rueful to proud, from amused to melancholy, and yet are all united by their ability to find hope and solace in the textures of the world.” – Joe Mungo Reed